Cold bending | bending laminated glass

In this method, the individual panes of a glass laminate are bent prior to laminating, and laminated with this curved geometry. The finished laminated pane retains its bent form permanently after autoclaving without the need for a supporting framework to force the glass into shape.

Cold-bent laminated glass

The particular advantage of the cold bending of laminated glass is primarily its better optical quality due to the fewer distortions and reflections. When bending glass using this method, the minimum bending radius is roughly 1,500 times the thickness of the glass (10mm: bending radius 15m). Tighter radii might be possible in some cases Cold-bent panes are available with cylindrical and spherical curvature in sizes up to 3.6 x 20m.


Capacity 1 bending line
Max. dimensions 3,600 x 20,000 mm 
Bent form cylindrical, J-shaped


All data depend on geometry and must be clarified by our specialists.