After the bending process, bent glass can be further processed to form laminated glass or laminated safety glass. sunglass industry has its own laminating lines and clean rooms in which two or more panes of glass can be bonded with elastic, tear-resistant plastic foils to form (multi-ply) laminates.

Laminating with suitable interlayers, e.g. SG®, PVB, TPU, EVA, can improve the stiffness and loadbearing capacity of glass structures. At the same time, such interlayers improve the residual load-carrying capacity of the laminated pane and help to provide sound and thermal insulation.

Coloured and printed interlayer

Coloured interlayers, e.g. Vanceva®, can create design highlights. PVB interlayers can also be printed with attractive designs or realistic motifs before being incorporated in the laminated glass.