Curved insulating glass

Exceptional designs require exceptional performance. The insulating glass from sunglass industry ensures effective thermal insulation and solar-control properties in spectacular formats.

Curved double and triple glazing achieve optimum energy efficiency, e.g. for “wavy” façades, curved display windows, half-shall cabins or glass domes. Depending on the structural requirements, both float glass and safety glass (tempered, heat-/chemically-strengthened or laminated) can be installed in a curved insulating glass unit.

Curved insulating glass meets the highest demands regarding insulation and quality. To achieve effective thermal insulation, curved glass relies on a neutral coating with the Ug values currently required. In the form of double- or triple-glazing units with virtually invisible treatments, curved insulating glass is hardly distinguishable from conventional insulating glass. Good colour rendering, high light transmittance and optimum thermal insulation are the benefits of this glass.

Many design options

In terms of design, curved insulating glass can be as varied as architectsְ’ designs. Individual coatings or printing enable virtually any design to be reproduced exactly. Coloured foils laminated between the panes ensure colourful features.

CEKAL: certified quality

sunglass industry holds CEKAL certification for its curved insulating glass. The marking defines and ensures product quality and verifiable quality control measures. The voluntary CEKAL certification for multi-pane insulating glass places strict quality demands on the individual components. Therefore, it is not only the final assembled products that are certified, but all the components as well.


Max. dimensions 3,300 x 11,500 mm
Glass thickness 2–19 mm
Bending radius depends on form
Bending angle depends on form
Bent form cylindrical, J-shaped, conical, spherical, toroidal, double-curvature, free-form
Further treatment edge working, drilled holes, printing
Solar control yes
Thermal insulation yes
Colour yes
Sound insulation  yes
Resistance class yes


All data depend on geometry and must be clarified by our specialists.