Thermal bending | Bending tempered glass / bending heat-strengthened glass

The bending of glass is an art. Decades of bending expertise and the use of the latest machinery to produce curved panes of glass in the very best quality has enabled sunglass industry to perfect its technological expertise and supply complex glass products that meet all demands.

Tempered and heat-strengthened glass in batches

Modern bending furnaces can easily handle the production of cylindrical and J-shaped tempered and heat-strengthened glass. Hot bending enables bending and tempering about one, two and three axes in one production process. This makes use of the method for large-volume projects with repetitive geometry.

Properties such as solar-control and thermal insulation, sound insulation or additional protection against breakage are possible with curved glass as well, likewise further treatments such as printing or adding coloured foils. At sunglass industry, every pane of glass becomes a unique, perfect product.

Imagination is the only limit

Our sales team will be happy to advise you on the realisation of your project ‒ whether small batch or large complex assignment. Our sales, engineering and production departments work side by side to guarantee delivery on time. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.



Capacity 9 bending furnaces
Max. dimensions  3.600 x 6.500mm
Min. radius   650mm
Bending angle  105°
Bent form cylindrical, J-shaped, 3D (concave, convex)


All data depend on geometry and must be clarified by our specialists.