Creating Waves

Extraordinary Curved Glass

Unique expertise in the hot bending of glass

sunglass industry s.r.l. is a leading glass processing company with unique skills in the hot bending of glass. Bending expertise has been a core competence of sunglass industry since 1984. Over the years we have supplied curved glass panes for unique architectural projects requiring exceptional formats, maximum transparency and top quality. Outstanding projects such as Hamburg’s Elbe Philharmonic Hall or the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris demonstrate the power of innovation of sunglass industry. Behind the success of sunglass industry there are 100 employees who have one thing in common: a passion for curved glass

Function follows form

Curved glass is a crucial design element that adds that special touch to façades and interiors. Convex and concave forms, waves or (hemi)spheres turn linear buildings into iconic structures. Curved glass from sunglass industry is the perfect complement for rounded corners. Design, solar control and insulating functions and resistance to breakage can all be incorporated in the form. Therefore, all curved glass from sunglass industry meets the very highest quality, safety and energy efficiency specifications.

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Flat and curved: Customers benefit from leading glass expertise