Chi siamo ‒ Who we are

sunglass industry stands for bending expertise, and the hot bending of glass is our core competence. We have been manufacturing high-quality curved glass products at our plant in Villafranca Padovana, Italy, for more than 35 years. Our products are used in unique architectural projects and their exceptional formats set standards.

Curved glass “made by sunglass industry” can be found in impressive buildings all over the world. Outstanding projects such as Hamburg’s Elbe Philharmonic Hall or the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris demonstrate the power of innovation of sunglass industry.


Glass with amazing forms

Many years of experience plus supreme technical skills coupled with a passion for the material are the secrets of our success. Add modern production methods using the latest machinery and the outcome is dependable processing of custom solutions for one-offs to large batches.

Our 100 employees do not just bend glass, they turn it into bespoke solutions for the most diverse applications.


Application fields

  • Architecture: façades, roofs, domes, display windows
  • Interiors: balustrades, stairs, elevators, canopies
  • Maritime: yacht glazing
  • Transportation: railway stations
  • Half-shells: domes, cabins, wind tunnels
  • Special functions
  • Sculptures

Bending expertise since 1984

Guiseppe Bergamin founded the company in 1984. His aim was to supply curved glass for impressive architectural applications. Which he did with success. Today, sunglass industry is known for its expertise in the hot bending of glass.


Imagination is the only limit

Our many years of experience in the processing and treatment of curved and flat glass enables us to offer our customers full-service glass solutions.

Maximum commitment to customers’ needs, a high degree of flexibility and close cooperation with project partners are the guiding principles for the whole corporate group. That guarantees market-oriented solutions for apparently impossible requests. True to the concept of “Imagination is the only limit”.

Our sales team would be delighted to receive your enquiry.