Gravity bending | curved annealed glass

Sound expertise and ingenious methods enable us to produce complex glass format with the help of gravity. sunglass industry has perfected gravity bending. Our production skills encompass all the steps in hot bending plus the processing of glass up to a maximum length of 11.50m.

sunglass industry has three bending chambers in which half-shells and other forms, e.g. for cabins, wave shapes or free-forms, can be bent to create remarkable glass façades. Technical expertise in planning processes, mould-building and bending methods ensures the efficient, fast production of almost any curved glass forms that suit their applications perfectly.

Curved creations in glass

sunglass industry produces panes with cylindrical, J-shaped, conical, spherical, toroidal, double-curvature and free-form shapes. When it comes to further treatments as well, e.g. chemical toughening, coating and printing, sunglass industry can apply the whole range of production techniques to gravity-bent glass.

Lending shape to ideas in glass

At sunglass industry, the technical preparations (planning, mould-making), production procedures (bending, toughening, further treatments) plus dispatch and logistics are geared to the production of gravity-bent glass.

Our sales team will be happy to advise you about your project ‒ whether small batch or large complex assignment. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.


Capacity 3 bending chambers
Max. dimensions   3,300 x 11,500mm
Bent form cylindrical, J-shaped, conical, spherical, toroidal, double-curvature, free-form


All data depend on geometry and must be clarified by our specialists.