sedak buys stake in sunglass industry

Glass processor sedak now has a stake in sunglass industry s.r.l., thus expanding its lead in large-format panes of glass, where sedak is already the technology leader.

October 10th, 2018.

With its expertise in hot bending, sunglass industry s.r.l. is regarded as one of the market leaders for curved architectural glass. Its products help to create unique modern architecture such as Hamburg’s Elbe Philharmonic Hall or the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. Premium manufacturer sedak is the global market leader for large-format panes in sizes up to 3.51m x 20m and a specialist in cold bending.

“These skills complement each other superbly. We can therefore round off our range of products perfectly and improve our leading position as a full-service supplier,” was the positive view of sedak MD Bernhard Veh after signing the agreement at sedak’s headquarters on 8 October 2018. sunglass industry will benefit from the cooperation because it now has available the preliminary production stages for oversize panes in sedak quality.

sedak: Leading glass

Since it was founded in 2007, the pioneering spirit of glass processor sedak has helped the company become a top manufacturer of large-format safety and insulating glass that has enabled new designs for structural glass façades and roofs. Thanks to its innovative products in the very best quality, it has been possible to build iconic façades and structures with an unprecedented transparency. Extensive automation and good efficiency enable sedak to produce single/multiple glazing and insulating glass with dimensions of up to 3.6m x 20m.

HQ sedak, Gersthofen/Germany ©sedak