Production capacity expanded at Villafranca Padovana

Test phase for new furnace for tempered and heat-strengthened glass

July 31st, 2020.

Testing of the first fully automatic furnace for bending tempered and heat-strengthened glass has been ongoing since the start of the year. This new plant can bend panes with dimensions of up to 3.6m x 6.5m and can be set fully automatically. That has expanded sunglass industry’s glass bending capacity.

In the bending of tempered and heat-strengthened glass, the flat glass pane is first heated and “rolled” to a curved shape on a bed of rollers before being thermally toughened. The final shape of each pane depends on the arrangement of the rollers mounted on flexible shafts. This bidirectional furnace provides two bending segments. For large orders, especially those with many different shapes, this new plant enables panes to be bent faster and more efficiently.

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