sedak und sunglass industry merge sales activities

Flat and curved: Customers benefit from leading glass expertise

February 14th, 2022.

Glass - flat, large, curved, gold-printed, bullet-resistant or with groove cut... The requests from builders, architects, facade consultants and facade construction companies are as varied as they are unusual. In order to provide you with even better and faster solutions in the future, sedak and sunglass industry are bundling their sales competence.

It has been more than 3 years since sedak joined with sunglass industry (// read news) in order to be able to offer customers a complete range of flat and curved glass. Now both companies are taking the next step. Under the sedak brand, customers receive the entire glass expertise from a single source.

One contact for flat and curved glass

Sales and marketing activities for all glass products are now centralized at the company headquarters in Gersthofen/Germany. As "production unit curved glass" sunglass industry remains the production site in Villafranca-Padovana/Italy and is contact for all Italian customers.

We are looking forward to realizing unprecedented things with you - because: Your imagination is our limit.

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sedak sales team

The sales team for flat and curved glass (f.l.t.r): Guillaume Chinzi, Gery Chinzi, Beatriz Fernandez, Kevin Berni (Head of Sales), Gaia Sperotto, und Ralf Scheurer