sunglass industry supplies 1,300 curved planes for world’s tallest Ferris wheel

sunglass industry has produced 1,300 panes measuring 2 x 2.5m for the 48 double-glazed cabins of the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel. Flat panes of glass underwent double-curvature bending to a tight radius using the gravity bending method.

These high-quality panes ensure an uninterrupted,…


Test phase for new furnace for tempered and heat-strengthened glass

Testing of the first fully automatic furnace for bending tempered and heat-strengthened glass has been ongoing since the start of the year. This new plant can bend panes with dimensions of up to 3.6m x 6.5m and can be set fully automatically. That has expanded sunglass industry’s glass…


Headquarters modernised and extended

The extension to the production building in 2018 also involved renewing and modernising the office wing. Staff were able to move into their new offices at the end of May.

An eye-catching “wave” façade greets customers, visitors and delivery personnel and at the same time is a…