In November 2020 the last panel was installed. ©seele

"All in" in November 2020. All curved glass units of sunglass industry are installed. ©seele

Double-curved glass for new entrance of New York’s Penn Station

For the LIRR East End Gateway, the new entrance to New York's famous Penn Station, sunglass industry supplied 139 double-curved panes. The glass laminates form the imposing roof of the inclined cable net façade. The individual panes were attached to a network of steel frames and stainless…

Intelligent logistics for curved glass. ©sunglass industry

Two curved glasses where packed safely to be transported to the US. ©sunglass industry

Smart logistics for tower glazing

The cost-effective and safe shipping of (large-format) curved glass is a top priority at sunglass industry. Depending on the shipping method and destination, packaging and glass position are precisely adapted. This means that even oversized panes can be loaded into a container in a…

Mock-up capsule Ain Dubai ©sunglass industry

sunglass industry supplies 1,300 curved planes for world’s tallest Ferris wheel

sunglass industry has produced 1,300 panes measuring 2 x 2.5m for the 48 double-glazed cabins of the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel. Flat panes of glass underwent double-curvature bending to a tight radius using the gravity bending method.

These high-quality panes ensure an uninterrupted,…